Our Goals

We are driven by a single purpose.
Our Mission

Our mission is NATURAL FARMING

As a result of applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides, soil has lost it's richness and to the worst it killed all the wellbeing creature like Earth Worm, Bee, Beetle, Black Fly, Fire Ant, etc... All these creatures used to till the soils 24 / 7 which helped in better root aeration and water retaining capacity of the soil. Not to mention, their wastes served as good organic fertilizers. Without these insects it's not possible to do natural farming and hence our first step would be to make the soil as a LIVING SOIL (as termed by Dr.G.Nammalvar).

Hybrid Rice and Vegetable varieties are tuned to consume more fertilizers . Our mission is to cultivate traditional plants which eats less , produce less, can withstand drought, more sustainable to flood & other natural calamities and more suitable for natural farming.

Our mission is to breed native cattle, Though they produce less milk and meat, they have more drought power and disease resistance than the exotic ones. Also native cattle urine and dung are proved to serve better for natural farming.

Our Vision

We strive to stay as close as possible to NATURE.

We humans in the name of knowledge, science and civilization have deviated too much from the mother nature. When all other creatures adopts itself to the nature, humans alone alter the nature to suit them. As a result day by day the earth is becoming less suitable for living beings.

If our ancestors can survive millions of years without Chemical Fertilizers, Chemical Pesticides and Genetically Modified Seeds & Vegetables, We should be also able to with ease. As mentioned by Dr.G.Nammalvar, we dont need mass production and rather we should look how to better share the produce to the mass. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Modern farming is like giving a fish and Natural farming practice is all about learning how to fish. Natural Farming is a cost effective and nature-healing way of agriculture.